:: Standard marking system ::



             According to ISO-525 standard there are seven symbols which should be
                arranged for the designation of grinding wheels specifications as follow

                1- Type of abrasive , manufacturers own (optional)
                2- Nature of abrasive
                3- Grain size
                4- Grade
                5- Structure (optional)
                6- Nature of bond
                7- Type of bond, manufacturers own (optional)

               The standard symbols which are using for grinding wheels producer are
               given in the below:

40A 60 K 7 V A1
Abrasive type Grain size Grade Structure Bond  

 A          Al2O3

  SC           SiC

 CB          CBN

 D       Diamond

 ZD   Zirconium

 8-12  very coarse

 14-24        coarse

 30-60      medium

 80-150           fine

 180-240  very fine

 D-F   very soft

 G-Jt         soft

 K-N     medium

 O-R         hard

 S-W  very hard

 1-3      dense

 4-7    medium

 8-10   porous

 11-14    open


 V    vitrified

 B        resin

 M      metal

 R      rubber

 E     shellac


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