:: Same information about grain abrasives ::

         There are many types of materials which applying for producing grinding wheels.          Fused Alumina: which is a synthetic aluminum oxide and made from bauxite by an
         electro thermal smelting process.
         The variety of fused alumina which usually applying in order to production of grinding
         wheels are as follow :

  • White fused alumina (WFA)
    It's hard and brittle and use for the application of all kind of bonded abrasives, surface grinding of low or unalloyed steel up to 62 HRC. gear grinding, thread grinding; precision grinding of hard and anti - corrosive steels.
  • Brown fused alumina (BFA)
    Brown fused alumina (Regular aluminum oxide) is a particularly tough form  of aluminum oxide. Its toughness
    is due to the presence  of 3% of titanium oxide.
    It's suitable for producing resinoid and ceramic bonded
    wheels, also it's using for rough grinding and deburring
    of low alloyed steel and cast Iran material.
  • Pink fused alumina (PFA)
    PFA, is another form of highly refined aluminum oxide which contains a small proportion of chromium oxide (less
    than 0.3%).
    It's very hard but a little less brittle than WFA and therefore less impact-sensitive specially at the edges.
    It's specially suitable for production of vitrified bonded
    abrasives for working hardened steels and alloys with
    tensile strength of over 50kg/mm2.
    It's used in tool grinding, saw and knife - sharpening application, precision grinding (e.g cylinders, etc.) profile grinding, flute grinding , tooth flank grinding, dry grinding
    of blade segments and mounted points wheels.
  • Other types
    There are another types of fused alumina such: Dark Red, Sol gel, Semi pure, Mono Crystalline and etc. which are consuming for production of specific grinding wheels.     
Silicon Carbide: It's smelted out of quartz sand and oil cake in electric furnaces at the temperature  of  app. 2100c which  some fluxes add  to  the mixture  for reaction acceleration.
It's harder than fused alumina and are also more brittle.
There are two varieties of silicon carbide.
  • Black Silicon Carbide (BSC)
    It's very hard and less brittle than green silicon carbide. It's hardness is about 63HRC and applied for grinding metallic and non metallic work piece with low tensile strength, gray, chilled and malleable cast iron before annealing, brass, bronze, aluminum and etc.  
  • Green Silicon Carbide (GSC)
    It's particularly hard, very brittle abrasive with a hardness about 63HRC .
    This abrasive is used primarily for processing hard metals and ceramic cutting materials, glass and also acid-resistant steels with austenitic structure. 
Diamond abrasives may be either natural or synthetic .
Using of diamond grinding wheels recommend for grinding of cement tungsten carbides, specific tool grinding and etc.
Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN):
It's super hard and friable .CBN uses for all types of hardened steel up to 70 HRC.
CBN abrasives used for precision grinding ,tool grinding ,surface grinding and etc.





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