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                     Golpa SAB is a major producer for all kind of grinding wheels in Iran and the
              unique producer for vitrified bonded grater than 500 mm diameter.
              Golpa SAB is able to produce your requested grinding wheel according to the
              technical specification of grinding wheel.
              For specific item, 
technical department of Golpa SAB should investigate material 
              shape and hardness of work piece, grinding condition, desired roughness and etc.
              By considering mentioned items a suitable sample of grinding wheel will present which  
              according to customer testing result, Golpa SAB will conduct to produce the satisfying
              grinding wheel.

              Standard shapes and profiles for grinding wheels according to ISO 603, ISO 525

              Selecting range of suitable grinding wheels for different application

              suitable grinding wheels for different application

            Information about grain abrasives

             Grain abrasive distribution sizes according to FEPA standards

              Standard norms





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